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Meredith Hatton, principal of Meredith Hatton & Associates, has been practicing in the Southern Highlands since 1999. Our motto is ‘negotiate well, settle smart’. Using various dispute resolution options tailored to suit your needs, we can assist you to secure the best possible settlement of your dispute. It is our goal to ensure that legal disputes are settled with a minimum of stress, conflict and cost, so as to minimise the impact on you, your family, or your business.


Areas Of Practice:

Our team of solicitors is here to help you in the following areas of practice:

Family Law

Wills and Estates


Commercial Law


Dispute Resolutions Options:

Our team is qualified to offer you a full complement of dispute resolution options and resources as follows:

Collaborative Practice:

Collaborative Practice is a voluntary and confidential method of dispute resolution in which parties reach an agreement without resorting to litigation. As part of this process the parties sign a  Participation Agreement and disclose all relevant information and material using open communication, good faith and respect to reach a mutually agreeable resolution that addresses both parties' needs. Each party is represented by a trained Collaborative Lawyer whose representation terminates upon the undertaking of any contested court proceeding.

Collaborative Practice provides the parties with the support and guidance of their own lawyers without going to court.  If required, Collaborative Practice also allows the parties to engage with other professionals working together with the parties as a team.

Meredith Hatton has taken a leading role in the development and practice of Collaborative Practice in Australia since 2005, and has been helping to train other professionals in the use of this method since 2009.



A mediator is a trained professional who assists the parties to facilitate discussions, identify interests and explore options for the resolution of a dispute. A mediator is neutral to the parties and does not engage as either party's legal advisor. 

As an accredited mediator, Meredith Hatton can assist parties by facilitating discussions with a view to reaching a well considered settlement of the dispute. Using mediation early in a dispute, can often assist in containing the issues, preserving relationships and limiting costs.



For many years, we have guided our clients in the art and science of negotiation. We now offer negotiation coaching as a separate service to assist you in understanding the elements of negotiation and engaging in effective communication and wise settlements. Using interest based bargaining, we help you avoid the old fashioned, unproductive and costly traps of positional negotiations. Once you master the elements of negotiation, you can not only manage the negotiation of your own disputes, but you can also reduce the potential conflict saving you time, stress and money.


Divorce Survival Guide:

"Divorce Survival Guide"  **NEW**  - written by Meredith Hatton, this book is a guide to anyone in need of support to help them navigate the pathway to a successful negotiation. It is full of observations and tips on the art of negotiating that Meredith has made, and accumulated, over 20+ years of practice in the area of Family Law. At $10 per book, make this your first and best investment on the road through separation. Either stop by our office at Suite 1, 44-48 Bowral Street, Bowral NSW, or call us and we can post you out a copy. Postage charges are additional and as follows:

Express Post: $6.80 (as we are outside the metropolitan area please note that overnight delivery is not guaranteed. Delivery is usually affected in 2 business days. 

Standard Delivery $2.55 (delivery time is anticipated between 3 - 10 business days) 



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